What is The Boomstick Show?

The Anti-Tong, the cure for Cotton…just what is The Boomstick Show?

Some call it the home of the best new club music on the ‘net…

Others call it the perfect meld of technical ineptitude & dance anthems hosted by a DJ on the edge of a nervous breakdown…

…they’re probably right!

TBS is an attempt to try and represent melodic dance music every week, regardless of whether it’s D’N’B, Dubstep, House, Trance or any other sub-genre. To show that dance music isn’t just about the rehashed, sanistised commercial products in the Top 40 but that there’s far more really good quality stuff on the scene atm and it isn’t all about a dull bassline with no hook. Any tune appearing on the show MUST be something you’d happily listen to to chill or driving in your car as well as dance to.

New tunes, classic tracks, ambient journeys, mixtapes & the odd journey into indie, metal motown & other places. Let it take you there!

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