New Single review: Duplex feat Vicky Jackson, ‘All Through the Night’

Hey hey folks,

We’re no strangers to the odd freebie here at Boomstick Towers (all legally obtained of course *ahem*) so when fellow DJ & show listener The Aardvark offered us a copy of Duplex’s new club track ‘All Through the Night’ and 2 accompanying remixes of it in return for a review, of course we said “yes”.

Unfortunately, after working for days on some really well-constructed & polite ways to say “it’s rubbish”, it turns out it’s not. In fact in some places…it’s really rather good.

Out on fledgling indie Fidget Music, their promise of being a “multi-genre” label is certainly fulfilled here with all 3 mixes offering something different for the discerning EDM fan.

First up is the original mix of the track, a breezy, pleasant piece of vocal D’n’B that is maybe a little too polished to shine alongside other tracks out there atm. A solid enough tune but it just plays it too safe to really stand out from the crowd.

Next up comes Paul Morrell’s remix which changes tack completely to become an upbeat electro-house number with some Dutch undertones. Again, Vicky Jackson’s vocal is effortless but the track fizzles out around two minutes in and becomes a little bland.

However, it’s the third mix that shines. With house veterans Dancing Divaz on mix duty, ‘All Through the Night’ is transformed into a piano-driven, retro house monster in the finest traditions of the genre with Jackson sounding every inch the soul diva. Great stuff.

As a 3-track release it may be a bit of a mixed bag in terms of both genre & quality but, thanks to that Dancing Divaz remix, ‘All Through the Night’ is well worth checking out when it’s released to download on 21 July.




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