Farewell Mdiafire…hello Google Drive!

Hey hey folks,

Basically had enough with using MFire as an alternative download site due to their stupid copyright bot so…as from the current show, the option to get it from Mfire will be replaced by Google Drive.
Shouldn’t affect IT*nes, streaming or the preferred method of R-clicking and downloading from the stream link but gives you folks an alternative option. DOES mean though that you now can’t D/L old shows via Mfire (but the R-click method works just fine with them so…chill!).

Hope that helps,


About theboomstickshow

Home of free clubcast 'The Boomstick Show', playing a selection of brand new club tunes (house, electro, trance, d'n'b) and old skool classics every week.
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One Response to Farewell Mdiafire…hello Google Drive!

  1. Not what I was hunting for but awesome anyway! Good for you!

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