The Boomstick Show – ch-ch-ch-changes

Hey hey folks!

Ok, bit of an update on where things are with the show.

There’s going to be a format change for a while. As some people know I’ve been struggling to get the show out on a weekly basis a lot due to illness and that, as well as the fortnightly mix I do for the radio, is making things tricky atm.

So, until my health is a bit more stable, the regular TBS with the talky bits, new tunes and all the trimmings is going to switch to fortnightly with the first one being next week.

However – don’t want to leave you hanging in the week between. So, in those weeks (including this week), TBS will have the 2 hour mix that’ll be played out on the radio later that week. You’ll also get that before it goes out on the radio – in some cases a few days before – so, if your signed up to the show and get Twitter DMs from me, you’ll be able to access it a few days before it’s broadcast and before I advertise the link on Twitter that week.

Anyway, that’s the deal. This week’s mix should be up very, very soon so watch your DMs (and if you’re not on the DM list then tell me).  Hopefully it’ll also mean that the ‘live’ show will have a larger and better selection of new material to pick from going into the quiet period for releases too.

Watch Your Bass Bins,


About theboomstickshow

Home of free clubcast 'The Boomstick Show', playing a selection of brand new club tunes (house, electro, trance, d'n'b) and old skool classics every week.
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One Response to The Boomstick Show – ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Just an addendum folks – early access to the mixes will be exclusive to ppl subscribed to the DMs on Twitter. They’ll get the address to stream/D/L them from. Won’t be posted on here ’til a few days later for general access (inc ITunes).


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