Plan for shows 81 & 82

Hey hey folks,

Firstly, thanks for all the well-wishes re: the recent loss of my Grandad – all much appreciated :).

Further to that, the funeral has been scheduled for late next week. This means a ‘standard’ show for Friday 22 June will be difficult so am going to use the next 2 weeks to continue my brief break from the normal format – still need to rest and recharge a bit tbh.

However – don’t want to leave the faithful TBS crew hanging so…

…shows 81 and 82 will be mix shows again. Hopefully they’ll be of new releases so you folks can still get a taste of what’s going on musically atm, just w/o the talky bits and usual bells & whistles in between. Will try to leave tracklists up here too, so you can check what is being played.

All going well, we’ll be back with a normal show on Friday 29 June.

Watch your bass bins,


P.S. And note a new website address folks. Finally have working!

About theboomstickshow

Home of free clubcast 'The Boomstick Show', playing a selection of brand new club tunes (house, electro, trance, d'n'b) and old skool classics every week.
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