ITunes issues reported – stay calm!

Hi folks,

Have had some reports of ITunes proving a pain over the last few weeks (and the weekend especially) when it comes to downloading the podcast.

Can only say that this seems to be a problem at their end rather then ours as the server seems fine. I had issues getting it myself via ITunes Friday only for it to suddenly ‘find’ it after a few mins after failing the first time.

Have been told that other ppl are having issues with other podcasts on there as well.

All I can suggest is – keep trying! The show will come down via it eventually. It may also be worth unsubscribing and resubscribing to see if that sorts the issue.

Barring that, remember that you can also download every show directly via Mediafire and stream it directly via the host too (links included on the post for the show every week on main page and for past show in the tracklist archives).

Hope this helps while they get their act together folks. In the meantime, stick with it and thanks for the continued support!

I Have A Boomstick

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Home of free clubcast 'The Boomstick Show', playing a selection of brand new club tunes (house, electro, trance, d'n'b) and old skool classics every week.
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