Site changes & show 13 on the way

Hey folks,

Have made a few more cosmetic changes to the site. You now have a shiny new menu bar at the top to quickly navigate to any episode of the show and to contact it too! Have also cleaned up the subscription/contact area to make it a little more user-friendly and have incorporated the new logo (many thanks to Mike M for his work on it).

As for the next show am all ready to record it but, as show 12 went up late, may delay uploading it ’til the weekend to give people a chance to digest the current one.

Then again, might get excited and put it up tomorrow anyway – either way, it’ll arrive over the next 2 days or so. Watch the skies!

I Have a Boomstick

About theboomstickshow

Home of free clubcast 'The Boomstick Show', playing a selection of brand new club tunes (house, electro, trance, d'n'b) and old skool classics every week.
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